• "The breakout session discussions are very interesting and very stimulating. Initiated good personal relationships/networks"

    - Technology Innovation Manager
  • "Great discussions. Really helped frame my day-to-day thought process as an executive"

    - VP, Exploration
    Canacol Energy
  • "It is a great opportunity to learn new concepts about portfolio management"

    - Corporate Assets Manager
    Pacific Rubiales Energy
  • "Enjoyed learning about best practices from other industries and how to implement them into Oil & Gas"

    - Director of Innovation
  • "Good fundamentals and ideas to consider in a motoring organization"

    - Manager Offsites Integration
  • "An excellent opportunity for experiences professionals to share knowledge and learn from each other"

    - Executive Manager - Projects
    Trinity Exploration & Production
  • "Very Excellent Topics on Managing BD Relationships and Growing Business to Next Level"

    - Global Business Development Manager
    Wood Group Kenny
  • "Good way to meet with others in your industry to share issues/wins"

    - Project Integration Lead
    Suncor Energy
  • "It will help and improve your decision and the way you make them"

    - Sr. EOR Reservoir engineer
    Tiorco LLC
  • "Deep knowledge of the topic and relevant anecdotes bring the subject alive"

    - Manager, EOR/Reservoir Uncertainty
    BG Group
  • "Tom has a wealth of relevant expertise"

    - VP Construction Quality & Project Management
  • "Took away some nuggets that help immediately and some contacts for future guidance"

    - Chief Technologist
  • "Great opportunity to share experiences and insights with industry peers and to learn where your organization is at with portfolio management"

    - Manager, Planning & Performance PFM
    Suncor Energy
  • "A different way to see how decisions and it's quality could really change your organization"

    - Industrial Engineer
    YPF S.A.
  • "Extremely valuable investment of time. Will surely pay dividends going forward"

    - Manager of Safety - Projects/Operations
  • "Excellent opportunity to share experiences"

    - Research Project Leader
  • "Enjoyed it. You've got to look outside your own world to understand what others are doing so you can progress"

    - Chief Technology
    Axon Energy Products
  • "Decision Quality is a very powerful and a needed tool to make better decisions and create the additional value for projects"

    - Well Engineering & Operation Manager
  • "Very good opportunity to learn & share best practices with your colleagues"

    - Director, Planning & Portfolio Management
    Midstates Petroleum Company
  • "Opportunity to share experiences with Project managers around the world"

    - OcOt Project Manager
    Repsol E&P T&T Ltd.
  • "Open your eyes to strategic planning for project management"

    - Manager Risk & Benchmarking
  • "Table discussion drove best value networking and sharing best practices"

    - Senior Strategy Advisor
    BP Lubricants
  • "The combination of presentation material and group discussions with colleagues from various industries was well balanced and what set this workshop apart from others"

    - Technical Director, Global New Business Dev.
  • "The workshop made me aware of the journey SCM undertakes in a Demand Driven Supply management process and the various approaches available to help with that Journey"

    - Manager - Supply Chain
    Penn West
  • "Good experience, involved networking, helps reinforce project management in a practical way"

    - Director
    Constructora Subacuatica Diavaz
  • "Frank Koch makes a convincing case for incorporating decision quality in value assurance processes. Better decision quality clearly yields increased value. An enjoyable and useful workshop"

    - Project Director
    Baker Hughes
  • "I learned a lot of useful techniques to improve decision quality in my organization"

    - Investment Appraisal Manager
    BG Group PLC
  • "Quality project management skills facilitated through group discussion and well lead by Tom"

    - Director, Western Alberta Transmission Line
    Altalink Management Ltd.
  • "A very useful group of ideas & tools that I can use to implement new processes at my company"

    - Director DC Technologies
  • "The material presented has a clear utility, directly to my business and will provide some excellent opportunities for impairing our company, our staff and our relationship with our client"

    - Area Manager, Americas
    ULO Systems LLC
  • "Excellent insights in how to look at making decisions"

    - Reservoir Engineer Advisor
    ENI UK
  • "The professional experience that the Workshop Leaders bring to the workshop is priceless"

    - Managing Director of R&D
  • "Concise and usable introduction to Portfolio Management implementation"

    - Director, Central Portfolio Management
    GDF Suez
  • "A great opportunity to share, discuss & validate project issues across many owners organizations"

    - General Manager - Engineering
    Gemini Corporation
  • "Excellent opportunity to leverage industry knowledge and experience"

    - Sr. Portfolio Manager, Process Engineering
  • “Small attendee size was very amiable for networking”

    - Director, Capacity Planning & Development
    Champion Technologies
  • "Learning about other Companies' approaches to DA and PM was both interesting and useful"

    - VP, Business Development
    Carrizo Oil & Gas
  • "The opportunity to share experiences and ideas with a diverse group of technology leaders will fuel our idea within months to come"

    - Senior R&D Advisor
    Husky Energy
  • "Excellent workshop, most of the learning's help to continuously improve the ongoing strategy within the cross functional team & can be implemented easily"

    - Manager - Maintenance Execution & Planning
  • "Julian was amazing! He has great stories to clarify the topics discussed"

    - Sr. Training Specialist
    Continental Resources
  • "Opportunity to connect and share with peers in other organizations was great!"

    - Manager, Talent Management
    Continental Resources
  • "The workshop presented a new process for DQ that seems applicable to Explorations Projects"

    - Exploration Manager, Atlantic Basin
  • "A powerful and succinct intro in Portfolio Management"

    - Sr. Planning Representative
    Marathon Oil Company
  • "The workshop introduced and showed the application of an excellent overall approach to project portfolio management and needed tools"

    - Technical Manager, Oil & Gas Chemicals (R&D)
  • "Frank was really engaging and made the course enjoyable and had lots of great insight"

    - Managing, Reserves and Planning
  • "An excellence cross industry interaction opportunity"

    - Business Director, Technology
    SBM Offshore
  • "Excellent learning/interfacing experience"

    - Leader, Project Controls
    Devon Energy
  • "I was pleased with the workshop. It was eye opening and worth while"

    - Managing Director, Dhahran Reseach Center
  • "Worthwhile investment to understand how to risk the game making decisions"

    - Manager, Appraisals
    Talisman- Sinopec
  • "Very insightful with lots of relevant and personal examples"

    - Subsurface Manager
    Talisman- Sinopec
  • "I found this workshop a useful tool in helping to frame a value creating decision process"

    - Sr. Development Manager
    BHP Billiton
  • "Very good class - great instructor"

    - General Manager, GOM Planning
  • "It was great to see best practices and understand what does and doesn't work in other companies"

    - Manager, Planning & Portfolio
  • "Great opportunity to self reflect and network with peers"

    - Program Manager
    Devon Energy
  • "Leadership and engagement are the foundation that drives accountability and supports design"

    - HSE Manager
  • "A very good overview of hot topics in today's projects"

    - VP, Major Projects
  • "Great course, I intend to use learning both personally and professionally"

    - VP, Client Development
    Caesar Systems
  • "Excellent workshop combining great content, instructor experience practical delivery & participant networking… highly recommended"

    - Brett Richard
  • "The workshop gives the attendees the basics for R&D planning, IT, etc"

    - GAM, LATAM Technology
  • "An excellent template for building and strengthening business relationships that can be transposed into action within any company"

    - Operations Supervisor
    Parker Drilling Company
  • "An excellent refresher of Decision Quality principles & tools delivered by a master"

    - Exploration Planning & Performance Manager
    Shell International E&P
  • "I really enjoyed and appreciated picking Chuck's brain - he is very knowledgeable"

    - Senior Manager, Supply Chain Compliance
  • "Valuable discussions of practices and policies among the participants related to what works and what doesn't work"

    - Quality Assurance
    Propak Systems
  • "Frank layed out a clear pathway to achieving decision quality in an organization"

    - DA Lead, UK
  • "Provided a solid foundation and framework for portfolio management"

    - Global Exploration Planning & Portfolio Manager
    Murphy Oil Corp
  • "The workshop presented a strategic approach to project management"

    - Facilities Project Manager
    Oxy Long Beach
  • "Innovative new approach to delivering programs to leadership"

    - HSSE Manger
    AMEC Americas
  • "Good opportunity to network with colleagues in the context of Decisions on Portfolio and Project management"

    - Development Manager
  • "It's a great networking opportunity and know that other R&D leaders in the industry shares the same challenges"

    - Platform Director of R&D
    Dresser Rand
  • "The course provides a) a early awarness, b) a reminder, c) a documented approach to best practices"

    - CEO
    ULO Systems LLC
  • "Excellent chance to work with peers to resolve PM Issues"

    - Project Specialist
    Hood Group
  • "Many of the workshop elements can be applied across range of situations, including personal ones"

    - Commercial Director
  • "Workshop format was well managed and permitted good discussions amongst participants"

    - Vice President
    Fortress Engineering
  • "Today I know how to start the change in my department"

    - Director of Procurement & Contractors
    Monclova Pirineos Gas
  • "Key principles in understanding and achieving Safety breakthroughs for emerging safety professionals and Frontline Leadership"

    - Vice President
    Aveda Transportation and Energy Services
  • "Good venue to learn perspective of others regarding innovation"

    - Well Productivity Team Lead
  • "Good practical information which makes you think about how you execute projects"

    - Manager, Engineering & Construction
    Paramount Resources
  • "A very good way to know how other companies manage their portfolio"

    - YPF
    Planning Manager
  • "A Great opportunity to learn and understand technology management issues and mythologies from our main client industry"

    - R&D Director
  • "Don't expect to learn about decision making software - the class takes you past excel and into the behaviours and people aspect of decision making. Frank did an excellent job!"

    - Sr Manager Business Operation
  • "The workshop presents a wonderful opportunity for experiences project manager to share ideas/ concepts with a world renowned subject matter expert"

    - Project Director
    Husky Energy
  • "Good workshop, taught in plain language and simple terms"

    - Planning Director
    Monclova Pirineos Gas
  • "Great class! The interactive discussions really enhanced the learning process"

    - Project Manager
  • "Good venue to discuss technology requirements and ways to restore its development, good venues for interacting with key technologies in the industry"

    - Director of Innovation Center

In.Acuity is a proud learning provider for continuing education.  We develop and deliver professional, high-quality learning workshops for individuals and in-house workshops for organizations and corporations who are seeking to acquire advanced industry knowledge and techniques.  Our workshop leaders, whom we call "Experts", are carefully selected, have proven track records and possess years of hands-on experience and deep knowledge that can help workshop participants to overcome challenges and reach practical solutions in their own business activities.

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